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Edited by distinguished authorities in their field, our research collections bring together the seminal and classic articles that have influenced
the development of research in a particular area of study.

An original introduction by the editor establishes the core themes of each book. These collections are an essential source of reference for
researchers, practitioners, academics and students.

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The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series

This acclaimed series brings together previously published contributions to the field of economics spanning the last few decades. Much of the important literature is still spread across a range of sources and is often difficult to access.

Elgar Research Collections

Drawing on the expertise of established scholars in their respective disciplines, Elgar Research Collection Series each address a major subject area of legal and economic study. The scope of each Series allows for an ever increasing library of volumes covering the most important subsections of study.


Classics in
Comparative Law

Comparative law is a field with a rich history, and one to which scholars from many disciplines have contributed. This four-volume set includes an original introduction by the editors, who trace the major developments in the field, covering both private and public law, as well as legal institutions and methodological debates.


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