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Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Evidence and Practice Robert A. Baron, Spears Chair of Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, US
This essential text will be a perfect fit for any introductory course, both within and outside of the business school.

Extent: 392 pp
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Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 978 1 78347 177 5
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Publication Date: 2014
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  • Business and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs are, in essence, individuals who take action to convert their ideas into reality. Doing so involves completing many steps; Robert Baron describes these steps, and provides guidance for performing them successfully. To do so, he incorporates several unique and useful features:

• the information presented is based on current evidence, rather than ‘informal knowledge’ or comments of specific entrepreneurs
• the focus is primarily on the essentials – the issues and topics most central to the field
• the book does not assume extensive knowledge of basic management disciplines, and so is accessible to readers with a wide range of backgrounds.

The practice of entrepreneurship, too, is fully represented and emphasized in special sections that highlight what entrepreneurs actually do, to attain success. Presenting a concise, current overview of entrepreneurship both as an academic field and an important business activity, this text is ideal for use in undergraduate and MBA level introductory entrepreneurship courses in business schools as well as in engineering, science and social science programs.
'A good integration of academic thinking with a practice perspective' – Karin S Moser, Category Chair, CMI Management and Leadership Textbook of the Year

'Adventurous in the context of entrepreneurship. . . an evidence based approach'
– Darin Dalcher, Category Judge, CMI Management and Leadership Textbook of the Year

‘This is one of the best entrepreneurship books ever published. It is embedded in the literature, up to date, and full of fascinating vignettes. All audiences, whether potential entrepreneurs, policy-makers, students, and educators, should read and heed its advice.'
– Nicos Nicolaou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus and Cass Business School, City University, UK

‘Baron has long been recognized as an expert in the area of entrepreneurial thinking. This expertise shows in his artful treatment of the essentials of entrepreneurship. In a clear and helpful way, he punctuates state-of-the-art knowledge about entrepreneurial thinking with practical, hands on recommendations for doing.’
– J. Robert Mitchell, University of Western Ontario, Canada

‘Baron is arguably the most refreshing voice among the growing cadre of top notch scholars shedding new light on the nature of entrepreneurial behavior. In Essentials of Entrepreneurship he draws on both his own entrepreneurial experiences and his long career as a thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship to share a unique perspective how successful ventures come to be. Baron’s gift is his ability to ask basic questions and then translate complex concepts into straightforward and understandable answers. He simplifies without ever over-simplifying. In this important book, he provides both a breadth and depth of coverage on the opportunity, the entrepreneur, and the venture. In the process he offers a realistic perspective that synthesizes what we know while introducing exciting new ideas.’
– Michael H. Morris, University of Florida, US
Contents: 1. Entrepreneurship 2. Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurship 3. Opportunities 4. Feasibility Analysis and Other Essential Information 5. Transforming Ideas Into Reality 6. Assembling Key Resources I 7. Assembling Key Resources II 8. The Central Role of Entrepreneurs 9. Legal Aspects of New Ventures 10. Managing a New Venture 11. Building the New Venture 12. Endings and Beginnings Index